Essential Services

There are some things that are truly the responsibility of councils. Efficient sewerage, water supply and stormwater systems are essential services that must continue to be funded as a priority. City infrastructure is critical to protecting our city and environment. As we plan and respond to climate change these activities become even more important.

Not doing this work puts at risk people, property and the environment. When I was elected to the Mayoralty in 2013 I promised a greater focus on this area. A review was undertaken that identified a major backlog of delayed essential maintenance projects and inadequate services. Addressing this backlog of core infrastructure projects has been a high priority over the last three years. Critical projects have been completed or are underway, but there is much more to be done and this work must continue. The scale and cost of the issue requires a long term commitment.  

As Mayor I am committed to ensuring that rates are prioritised towards essential services that protect lives and the environment.