SHA approval adds to suite of new apartment projects offering inner-city living

Developers could be bringing a brand new apartment building to the fringe of Nelson's CBD.

An application for Special Housing Area (SHA) status for the proposed apartment building was approved by the Nelson City Council (NCC) on Monday at an extraordinary meeting.

Director at Bayleys Real Estate (Bayleys) Tony Vining presented his development proposal to build a six storey apartment building at 71 Haven Rd, opposite the intersection with Halifax St.

The development would provide a minimum of 30 one to three-bedroom apartments.

"[The site] was well-suited for apartment living: it's elevated, it's sunny, it's got a good view of the city ... [and] it's within walking distance to the city and amenities," Vining said.

"We understand the council is pursuing greater intensification. Sites like this one, appropriate for apartments, are incredibly hard to find. We do see this as a fantastic opportunity to satisfy a high-demand housing market."

He said Bayleys' market research indicated there would be a "huge uptake" by local buyers.

He and Bayleys business development and operations manager Jacques Reynolds said that their experience in both development and realty would help their project succeed.

"Traditionally people will design the building and then decide how to sell it. We have a unique position because we're close to Bayley's so we can approach the it from both sides," Reynolds said.

"Part of my function at Bayleys is doing research on the top of the south ... I know over the past few years exactly what sells and what doesn't."

The development would be undertaken by Vining Investment Properties, but Reynolds said Bayleys "will be involved in the sale of every apartment".

Nelson Residents' Association spokesman Steve Cross spoke at the meeting criticising the SHA process which he said had turned into "consent banking".

"We're moving from land banking to consent banking. We now have a lot of SHAs that have consents: I predict you'll have a trail of people coming in taking up your time looking for an extension."

He said the SHA process was "meant to expedite affordable housing", but had failed to do so.

However, Mayor Rachel Reese said Nelson's SHA projects had been "very successful", and backed the proposed development.

"Very experienced developers who understand the market and are bringing to us today something that we have called for around this table," she said.

The proposal was approved unanimously by the council and will go to the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development for final approval.

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Last updated 09:26, Apr 30 2019